Xl triple lane slide with two pools
Xl triple lane slide with two pools


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Base Price - A Day of Fun! $475.00
2-Day Pricing Sat - Sun $550.00
Rent One Get One Mon - Wed $475.00
3 Day Pricing Mon - Wed $550.00
3 Day Pricing Fri - Sun $625.00

Introducing our XL Triple Lane Inflatable Slide with Two Pools! This massive inflatable slide is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement for kids and adults alike. 

With three spacious lanes, this slide allows for friendly competitions and thrilling races. Friends and family can slide down simultaneously, creating an exhilarating experience. The XL size ensures that everyone can enjoy the slide comfortably, accommodating multiple users at once.

But the excitement doesn't end there! This inflatable slide also features two pools at the bottom, providing a refreshing splash landing. Kids can cool off and have a blast as they splash around in the pools, adding an extra element of fun to their sliding adventures.

Safety is our top priority, which is why this inflatable slide is constructed with high-quality, durable materials. It is designed to withstand hours of play and is equipped with safety features such as sturdy handrails and non-slip steps, ensuring a secure sliding experience for all.

Perfect for backyard parties, community events, or summer camps, our XL Triple Lane Inflatable Slide with Two Pools is a must-have addition to any outdoor gathering. It will undoubtedly be the highlight of the day and leave everyone with unforgettable memories.

So, why wait? Bring the ultimate water slide experience to your next event with our XL Triple Lane Inflatable Slide with Two Pools. Get ready for non-stop fun, laughter, and splashes!

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